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Fagara capensis
Fagara Capensis

Fagraea fragrans
Fagraea Fragrans

Fagus crenata
Fagus Crenata
Japanese Beech, Siebold's Beech

Fagus grandifolia
Fagus Grandifolia
American Beech, Carolina Beech

Fagus multinervis
Fagus Multinervis
Korean Beech

Fagus purpurea
Fagus Purpurea
Purple Beech

Fagus sylvatica
Fagus Sylvatica
European Beech

Ficus capensis
Ficus Capensis
Cape Wild Fig

Ficus carica
Ficus Carica
Common Fig

Ficus elastica
Ficus Elastica
Eubber Tree

Ficus hirta
Ficus Hirta
Ngai Long

Ficus lacor
Ficus Lacor
Sung Di

Ficus macrophylla
Ficus Macrophylla
Moreton Bay Fig

Ficus saxophila
Ficus Saxophila
Bo De

Ficus stenophylla
Ficus Stenophylla

Ficus superba
Ficus Superba
Cedar Fig

Firmiana simplex
Firmiana Simplex
Chinese Parasol Tree, Bottle Tree, Firmiana

Flindersia australis
Flindersia Australis
Crows Ash, Nutwood, Australian Teak

Flindersia bourjotiana
Flindersia Bourjotiana
Ash, Queensland Silver

Flindersia brayleyana
Flindersia Brayleyana
Australian Butt Maple, Queensland Maple, Silkwood

Flindersia maculosa
Flindersia Maculosa

Flindersia schottiana
Flindersia Schottiana
Northern Silver Ash, Bumpy Ash

Fraxinus americana
Fraxinus Americana
White Ash, American Ash

Fraxinus anomala
Fraxinus Anomala
Singleleaf Ash

Fraxinus excelsior
Fraxinus Excelsior
European Ash, Vanlig's Ash

Fraxinus latifolia
Fraxinus Latifolia
Oregon Ash

Fraxinus mandshurica
Fraxinus Mandshurica
Japanese Ash

Fraxinus nigra
Fraxinus Nigra
Black Ash, Swamp Ash, Basket Ash

Fraxinus oregona
Fraxinus Oregona
Oregon Ash

Fraxinus ornus
Fraxinus Ornus
California Scrub Ash,European Scrub Ash, Manna Ash

Fraxinus oxyphylla
Fraxinus Oxyphylla

Fraxinus pennsylvanica
Fraxinus Pennsylvanica
Green Ash, Darlington Ash

Fraxinus profunda
Fraxinus Profunda
Ash, Pumpkin

Fraxinus quadrangulata
Fraxinus Quadrangulata
Green Ash, Blue Ash

Fraxinus rhynchophylla
Fraxinus Rhynchophylla

Fraxinus uhdei
Fraxinus Uhdei
Tropical Ash, Evergreen Ash

Fraxinus velutina
Fraxinus Velutina
Velvet Ash, Arizona Ash, Modesto Ash

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