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Jacaranda acutifolia
Jacaranda Acutifolia
Brazilian Jacaranda, California Jacaranda

Jacaranda copaia
Jacaranda Copaia
Copaia, Futui

Jacaranda mimosifolia
Jacaranda Mimosifolia
Jacaranda, Mimosa Leafed

Jagera pseudorhus
Jagera Pseudorhus
Pink Tamarind, Pink Leaf Tamarind, Frenwood

Jessenia baleue
Jessenia Baleue
Black Palm

Juglans australis
Juglans Australis
Argentine Walnut, Peruvian Walnut, Brazilian Walnut

Juglans hindsii
Juglans Hindsii
Hinds Walnut, California Walnut

Juglans major
Juglans Major
Arizona Black Walnut

Juglans microcarpa
Juglans Microcarpa
Little Walnut

Juglans neotropica
Juglans Neotropica
Peruvian Walnut, Figured-Nogal

Juglans nigra
Juglans Nigra
Black Walnut

Juglans olanchana
Juglans Olanchana
Tropical Walnut Nogal, Cedro Negro

Juglans regia
Juglans Regia
European Walnut, French Walnut, Carpathian Walnut

Juniperus ashei
Juniperus Ashei
Juniper, Ash

Juniperus chinensis
Juniperus Chinensis
Hollywood Juniper

Juniperus communis
Juniperus Communis
Prostate Juniper

Juniperus monosperma
Juniperus Monosperma

Juniperus occidentalis
Juniperus Occidentalis
Western Juniper, Sierra Juniper

Juniperus oxycedrus
Juniperus Oxycedrus
Prickly Juniper

Juniperus rigida
Juniperus Rigida

Juniperus sabina
Juniperus Sabina
Sabin Juniper

Juniperus scopulorum
Juniperus Scopulorum
Rocky Mountain Juniper, Prickly Juniper

Juniperus utahensis
Juniperus Utahensis
Utah Juniper

Juniperus virginiana
Juniperus Virginiana
Eastern Redcedar

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