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Ulmus americana
Ulmus Americana
American Elm, Soft Elm

Ulmus crassifolia
Ulmus Crassifolia
Cedar Elm

Ulmus davidiana
Ulmus Davidiana
Akotamo, Hei Yu

Ulmus glabra
Ulmus Glabra
Wych Elm, European Mountain Elm

Ulmus japonica
Ulmus Japonica

Ulmus laciniata
Ulmus Laciniata

Ulmus minor
Ulmus Minor
European Field Elm

Ulmus pumila
Ulmus Pumila
Japanese Elm

Ulmus rubra
Ulmus Rubra
Slippery Elm

Ulmus sinensis
Ulmus Sinensis
Chinese Elm

Umbellularia californica
Umbellularia Californica
Myrtlewood, California Laurel, Pepperwood

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