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Abies concolor
White Fir

Acacia leiocalyx
Blackwattle, Early Flowering Black Wattle, Curracabah

Acacia melvillei
Myall, Yarran

Acacia oswaldii
Oswald's Wattle

Acacia rhodoxylon
Spear Wattle

Acacia salicina
Cooba Native Wattle, Sally Watle

Acer griseum
Maple, Paperbark Chinese

Acer palmatum
Japanese Maple

Acer platanoides
Norway Maple

Acer rubrum
Red Maple

Acer saccharinum
Silver Maple

Acer saccharum
Sugar Maple

Adansonia gregorii
Boab, Australian Baobab, Bottle Tree (others)

Aesculus hippocastanum
European Horse Chestnut

Allocasuarina luehmannii

Alnus glutinosa
European Black Alder

Alnus incana
Grey Alder

Alnus rugosa
Speckled Alder

Alphitonia excelsa
Red Ash

Alstonia constricta
Quinine Tree

Alstonia scholaris
White Cheesewood

Amelanchier arborea
Downy Serviceberry

Apophyllum anomalum
Warrior Bush, Currant Bush

Arbutus unedo
Strawberry Tee

Artocarpus altilis
Agob, Breadfruit Tree

Atalaya hemiglauca
White Wood, Cattle Bush

Azadirachta indica
Sinhalese Chinaberry

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