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The data research of over 18 years, the development of this website to host all the data and all other aspects of this project are not at all done under the auspices or assistance of any corporation or company of any size nor any institution (educational or otherwise). Credit is given to those via the Internet who either have given permission to use their data and to the many programmers on online forums that have helped with suggestions and corrections to the programming done.

To date of writing, all actual work in developing this web based knowledge base has been done predominantly by one person, Bill Mudry of the (Brockville area, Ontario, Canada.

There is no office you can visit, only Mr. Mudry's private address, phone number and email address. With only one person to do practically all the work, this limits the amount of data and functions that can be added. There is a massive amount of data that has been added yet because there are over 60,000 woods known to exist, the project is very large indeed. We could use a whole office of volunteers on data input alone!

Keep that in mind when you wish to be in touch. You will find that some areas have a lot of information while others are sparce --- even after thousands of hours of work so far.

Owner, developer, webmaster:

Bill Mudry
Mailing Address (private residence):

62 Sophia St.
Brockville, ON K6V 1V4
Cell phone: 289-385-1311

Email Address::
FAX: There is no dedicated fax line.