Kickstarter funding for TAXA Wood Knowledge Base

TAXA is a free gift to the world!
It is not a business.
No products or services sold.
Almost 2 decades in the making.

Have you ever had a chance to fund not one but two upcoming world records?

TAXA is on the doorstep of establishing TWO WORLD RECORDS:

The largest list of all the known woods in the world ...
and ....
The largest list of woody genera

TAXA already has all the data for these. It just needs funding for a more powerful web server and
for some professional programming assistance for such a huge set of species and genera of woods
Kickstarter rules state that donating patrons can expect a gift for making a donaton. These prizes are usually around 10-15% of the value of a donation plus shipping costs.

Here are the 14 donation categories
The funding campaign starts on November 18 and ends December 17. Stay in touch of the funding drive.
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Keeping informed with the TAXA fund campaign

Watch a video on TAXA that explains much more:
TAXA 25 minute Video

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Wish to learn more about taxa?
Here is a 7 page history from the beginning to into the future.
The TAXA Story

All of TAXA can be reached easily at:

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