This page is for acknowledging and listing any person or organization that has in any way assisted with the TAXA Wood Knowledge Base, whether with actual work on the infrastructure, data or given permission to use their data, text or images.

Acknowledgements for the
TAXA Wood Knowledge Base

Proposal For Assistance from the IWDS Benevolent Fund - August
A Proposal for assistance was emailed to Greg Reed in Calgay, who is presently in charge of the IWCS Benefit fund. Greg emailed back August 26th that the proposal will be reviewed soon.
Attending the Joint IWCS and IAWA Annual Meeting at Penn State University - July 19-24, 2015
My wife and I (Bill Mudry) headed south to Pennsylvania on July 17. While there, TAXA and its website was on display. A presentation to IWCS members was given on July 22 in a computer lab. Many compliments were given on the amount of work that has been put into taka. It was a great opportunity to socialize with important people of world importance.
Repairing the Home Page Wood Kaliediscope - Mid July, 2015
For a long time, the background wood slide show was not working. I could not find out what the problem was. A submission to the career services of a local college got a reply from a programmer, Anirudh Mangalvedhekar.
Using a remote session, he was able to show that the data path was wrong. The problem was then repaired. Much thanks to Anirudh. The slide show with wood images mirrored horizontally and vertically resembles a kaliediscope so much that I have named the background slide show the TAXA Wood Kaliediscope.
Error Checking All Data - May 25, 2015
Much thanks to Audrey Mudry (my wife) for her vaLuable assistance in searching and recording errors in TAXA. This includes general appearance errors, taxon duplicates and others. Between our efforts, we challenged and corrected as much as 600 errors. Catching such errors helps avoid unprofessional appearance and inaccuracies in TAXA.
All Species In Italics - February 22, 2013
A thanks to Scotty B. Drye for indicating that the proper form to present all botanical species names should be italicized. Scotty has a Masters degree of Wood and Paper from North Carolina State University.
Installation of Wooden Egg Photos - Oct. 30, 2012
With much thanks to Vern from New South Wales, Australia, over 200 photos of species have
been installed for the data pages as wooden turned eggs for species that had not had any photos or scans.