The Parent Family is - Orchidaceae

Woody Genus Ansellia

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Common Names - . African Ansellia or Leopard OrchidSynonyms - .
Authority - . AnselliaGymnosperm or Angiosperm? Angiosperm
Plant forms - Very large orchidTotal Number of species - 1
World Distribution - Tropical and South Africa
Comments - This is a large, perennial epiphyte, or at times a terrestrial plant, growing in sometimes spectacular clumps, attached to the branches of tall trees. The white, needle-like, aerial roots are characteristic for this orchid. They point upwards, taking the form of a trash basket around the tall, many-noded, fusiform, canelike, yellow pseudobulbs, catching the decaying leaves and detritus upon which the plant feeds. These pseudobulbs can develop a gigantic size, up to 60 cm long. This robust orchid can grow very large, sometimes with an estimated weight over a tonne. Even eagle owls (Bubo bubo) have been seen to make their nest in such a clump.

Woody Species of Ansellia

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1 - Ansellia africana

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