The Parent Family is - Araucariaceae

Woody Genus Araucaria

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Common Names - . Parana PineSynonyms - . None found
Authority - . Juss.Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? Gymnosperm
Plant forms - Large treesTotal Number of species - 18
World Distribution - S. Brazil to Chile, Paraguay, Northern Argentina, New Caledon, S. Pacific
Comments - These columnar trees are living fossils, dating back to early in the Mesozoic age. Fossil records show that the genus also formerly occurred in the northern hemisphere until the end of the Cretaceous period. Has commercial woods Important timber trees. Grows as large trees with a massive erect stem to a height of 80 meters.

Woody Species of Araucaria

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1 - Araucaria angustifolia
...2 - Araucaria araucana
...3 - Araucaria bidwillii
4 - Araucaria brasiliensis
5 - Araucaria columnaris
...6 - Araucaria cunninghamii
7 - Araucaria excelsa
...8 - Araucaria heterophylla
9 - Araucaria hunsteinii
10 - Araucaria imbricata
...11 - Araucaria klinkii
12 - Araucaria luxurians

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