The Parent Family is - Crossosomataceae

Woody Genus Glossopetalon

Data on a chosen woody genus known under a chosen family

Common Names - . GreasebushesSynonyms - . None found
Authority - . A. GrayGymnosperm or Angiosperm? Angiosperm
Plant forms - ShrubsTotal Number of species - 4
World Distribution - Western U.S., Mexico
Comments - Woody bushes. Not enough wood to be useful. Of academic interest only. Species are: Glossopetalon clokeyi - Clokey's greasebush Glossopetalon planitierum - plains greasebush Glossopetalon pungens - dwarf greasebush Glossopetalon spinescens - spiny greasebush Glossopetalon texense - Texas greasebush All species likely woody but more research needed.

Woody Species of Glossopetalon

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1 - Glossopetalon sp.

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