The Parent order is - Scrophulariales

Woody Family Buddlejaceae

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Common Names - Synonyms -
Authority - WilhelmTotal Number of genera - 7
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? - AngiospermTotal Number of species - 150
Plant forms - Tree/Shrub/Herb/Liane
World Distribution - Tropical & warm climates. Widespread. They are native throughout the warmer parts of the New World from the southern United States south to Chile, and widely in the Old World in Africa and the warmer parts of Asia, but absent as natives from Europe and Australasia.
Comments - It is now included in the Scrophulariaceae, though in the past was previously classified in either the Loganiaceae or in a family of its own, the Buddlejaceae. The largest species (of Buddleja) reach 30 m (98 ft) tall, but most species rarely exceed 5 m (16 ft) tall.

Woody Genera of Buddlejaceae

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1 - Androya.
2 - Buddleja.
3 - Emorya.
4 - Gomphostigma.
5 - Nuxia.
6 - Peltanthera.
7 - Polypremum.

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