The Parent order is - Canellales

Woody Family Canellaceae

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Common Names - None foundSynonyms -
Authority - Mart.Total Number of genera - 6
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? - AngiospermTotal Number of species - 16
Plant forms - Tree/Shrub/Herb
World Distribution - Ttropical climate regions in the Afrotropic and Neotropic ecozones, including South America, the West Indies and Florida, East Africa, and Madagascar.
Comments - Highly aromatic, glabrous trees (mostly), or shrubs (rarely) The species are highly aromatic evergreen plants, mostly glabrous trees and rarely shrubs, which produce essential oils

Woody Genera of Canellaceae

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1 - Canella.
2 - Capsicodendron = Cinnamodendron.
3 - Cinnamodendron.
4 - Cinnamosma.
5 - Pleodendron.
6 - Warburgia.

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