The Parent order is - Brassicales

Woody Family Cleomaceae

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Common Names - None foundSynonyms -
Authority - (Pax) Airy Shaw or Bercht. & J.PreslTotal Number of genera - 17
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? - AngiospermTotal Number of species - 300
Plant forms - Tree/Shrub/Herb/Liane
World Distribution - Widespread tropical and subtropical. Worldwide in tropical and temperate regions. 5 genera and 5 species (three introduced) in China.
Comments - Herbs (mostly), or shrubs (a few), or trees (a few), or lianas (a few) Sometimes woody at the base. Classified prior under Capparaceae until DNA research showed the genera more closely related to Brasicaceae. Genera are: Cleome Cleomella Dactylaena Haptocarpum Oxystylis Podandrogyne Polanisia Wislizenia

Woody Genera of Cleomaceae

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1 - Cleome.
2 - Polanisia.

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