The Parent order is - Ebenales

Woody Family Ebenaceae

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Common Names - Ebony FamilySynonyms -
Authority - GürkeTotal Number of genera - 2
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? - AngiospermTotal Number of species - 500
Plant forms - Evergreen trees, shrubs
World Distribution - Mostly Indo-Malayan & African. Tropical & warm areas, few in temperate zones. Half of species in Malaysia. Also Africa, U.S., S.E. Asia, IndoMalaysia. Native to the tropics and subtropics, with a few deciduous species native to temperate regions.Diospyros contains 450-500 species. Euclea contains 20 species, native to Africa, the Comoro Islands, and Arabia
Comments - See Theales instead. Has commercial woods.

Woody Genera of Ebenaceae

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1 - Diospyros.
2 - Ebenopsis.
3 - Ebenopsius.
4 - Euclea.
5 - Maba.
6 - Royena.
7 - Saouari.

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