The Parent order is - Violales

Woody Family Fourquieriaceae

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Common Names - Synonyms -
Authority - D.C.Total Number of genera - 1
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? - AngiospermTotal Number of species - 11
Plant forms - Desert Tree/Shrub
World Distribution - S.W. North America. Mexico and the bordering US states of Arizona, southern California, New Mexico, and parts of southwestern Texas. N. & Central America. Warm temperate and subtropical regions, Garrya in North America, and Aucuba in eastern Asia.
Comments - Woody deasert shrubs & small trees. They are unrelated to cacti and do not look much like them; their stems are proportionately thinner than cactus stems and their leaves are larger. They do not have a particularly close resemblance to any other sort of plants; genetic evidence has shown that they belong in the Ericales. Prior to this, they had been variously placed in the Violales or their own order Fouquieriales.

Woody Genera of Fourquieriaceae

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1 - Idria.

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