The Parent order is - Oxidales

Woody Family Huaceae

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Common Names - Garlic Tree FamilySynonyms -
Authority - A. Chev.Total Number of genera - 2
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? - AngiospermTotal Number of species - 3
Plant forms - Trees, shrubs, lianes & herbs
World Distribution - Africa
Comments - Huaceae is one rare instance where it does not have an order assigned to it. Huaceae is a family of plant in the rosids group, which has been classed in the orders Malpighiales, Malvales, and Violales or in its own order Huales. The APG II system places it in the clade eurosids I. It contains the following genera: * Afrostyrax * Hua The trees & shrubs hava a garlic smell.

Woody Genera of Huaceae

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1 - Afrostyrax.
2 - Hua.

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