The Parent order is - Cornales

Woody Family Medusandraceae = Peridiscaceae

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Common Names - Synonyms -
Authority - BrenanTotal Number of genera - 2
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? - AngiospermTotal Number of species - 9
Plant forms - Tree
World Distribution - Tropical W. Africa
Comments - Was listed before under under Santanales or Malpighiales. Now placed under Saxifrgales as Peridiscaceae. When APG III was released in October 2009, the only genus, Medusandra, was moved over under Peridiscaceae, thereby emptying Medusandraceae. Prior species were Medusandra richardsiana and Medusandra mpomiana ( now under Peridiscaceae). Grows as a small Tree. Small Tree.

Woody Genera of Medusandraceae = Peridiscaceae

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