The Parent order is - Euphorbiales

Woody Family Picrodendraceae

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Common Names - None foundSynonyms -
Authority - SmallTotal Number of genera - 27
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? - AngiospermTotal Number of species - 85
Plant forms - Tree
World Distribution - New Guinea, Australia, New Caledonia, Madagascar, continental Africa, Tropical America.
Comments - This family was previously known as the subfamily Oldfieldioideae of the Euphorbiaceae.It now is allowed to stand on its own as a family. Genera are: ---------- Androstachys Aristogeitonia Austrobuxus Canaca[disambiguation needed] Celaenodendron Choriceras Dissiliaria Hyaenanche Kairothamnus Longetia Micrantheum Mischodon Neoroepera Oldfieldia Parodiodendron Petalostigma Picrodendron Piranhea Podocalyx Pseudanthus Scagea Stachyandra Stachystemon Tetracoccus Voatamalo Whyanbeelia

Woody Genera of Picrodendraceae

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1 - Androstachys.
2 - Austrobuxus.
3 - Celaenodendron = Piranhea.
4 - Dissiliaria.
5 - Longetia.
6 - Mischodon.
7 - Oldfieldia.
8 - Piranhea.

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