The Parent order is - Pinales

Woody Family Podocarpaceae

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Common Names - Podocarpus FamilySynonyms -
Authority - Endl.Total Number of genera - 19
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? - GymnospermTotal Number of species - 200
Plant forms - Evergreen trees & shrubs
World Distribution - S. hemisphere to Japan & Central Am., tropical Africa. he family is a classic member of the Antarctic flora, with its main centres of diversity in Australasia, particularly New Caledonia, Tasmania and New Zealand, and to a slightly lesser extent Malesia and South America (primarily in the Andes mountains). Several genera extend north of the equator into Indo-China and the Philippines. Podocarpus reaches as far north as southern Japan and southern China in Asia and Mexico in the Americas, and Nageia into southern China and southern India. Two genera also occur in sub-Saharan Africa,
Comments - Evergreen resinous softwood trees.

Woody Genera of Podocarpaceae

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1 - Acmopyle.
2 - Afrocarpus.
3 - Dacrycarpus.
4 - Dacrydium.
5 - Decussocarpus.
6 - Halocarpus.
7 - Lagarostrobos.
8 - Manoao.
9 - Microcachrys.
10 - Nageia.
11 - Podocarpus.
12 - Prumnopitys.
13 - Saxegothaea.

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