The Parent order is - Solanales

Woody Family Polemoniaceae

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Common Names - Jjacob's Ladder or Phlox FamilySynonyms -
Authority - Juss.Total Number of genera - 25
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? - AngiospermTotal Number of species - 400
Plant forms - Herbs, some shrubs, trees, lianes
World Distribution - America (esp. W and N) and Eurasia. Native to the Northern Hemisphere and also South America, with the center of diversity in western North America, especially in California Frigid zone to sub-tropical. Widespread, but lacking (though often introduced) in Africa, Southern and Southeast Asia Malaysia, Australia and Eastern South America
Comments - Under order Ericales. Shrubs, lianes, small trees & especially herbs. Woody.

Woody Genera of Polemoniaceae

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1 - Cantua.
2 - Cobaea.
3 - Leptodactylon.
4 - Loeselia.
5 - Phlox.

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