The Parent order is - Caryophyllales

Woody Family Portulacaceae

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Common Names - Purslane FamilySynonyms -
Authority - Juss.Total Number of genera - 32
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? - AngiospermTotal Number of species - 580
Plant forms - Trees. Shrubs, Herbs
World Distribution - Cosmopolitan, esp. W. America. Temperate to tropical. Cosmopolitan, except for frigid zones. it has a cosmopolitan distribution, with the highest diversity in semi-arid regions of the Southern Hemisphere in Africa, Australia, and South America, but with a few species also extending north into Arctic regions. Although Inside Wood lists Talinum guadalupense, More research is needed to see What genera and species might be woody. There seems to be woody members in Hectorella caespitosa (New Zealand) and Lyallia kergelensis (Kergulen Island in the Indian Ocean).
Comments - Assigned by APG II under order Caryophyllales

Woody Genera of Portulacaceae

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1 - Talinum.

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