The Parent order is - Liliales

Woody Family Xanthorrhoeaceae

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Common Names - Synonyms -
Authority - DumortTotal Number of genera - 1
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? - AngiospermTotal Number of species - 30
Plant forms - Tree/Herb
World Distribution - Australia to New Guinea & New Caledonia
Comments - Placement of the family has varied wildly. The APG II system places the family in the order Asparagales, The classification of Xanthorrhoeaceae has in the past included ten genera, listed in the Flora of Australia. This has been reduced over time to currently just one genus, Xanthorrhoea; while the other nine genera were placed into other families Treelets to branchless herbs

Woody Genera of Xanthorrhoeaceae

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1 - Acanthocarpus.
2 - Baxteria.
3 - Calectasia.
4 - Chamaexeros.
5 - Dasypogon.
6 - Lomandra.
7 - Romnalda.
8 - Xanthorrhoea.
9 - Xerolirion.

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