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Woody Order Rutales

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Authority - . Perleb.Total Number of families - . 5
Gymnosperm or Angiosperm? angiospermTotal Number of genera - 0
Total Number of species - 0Plant forms -
World Distribution -
Comments - Most of Rutales now placed under Sapindales BURSERACEAE - Listed under The Plant-Book under Sapindales - genera, species - Trees: Numbers not listed - genera, species - Trees: No numbers given PICRAMNIACEAE (Engl.) Fernando & Quinn - Listed under The Plant-Book as questinably under Sapindales - 2 genera, 50 species in tropical America - Trees: No numbers given but trees included. PTAEROXYLACEAE - Classified in The Plant-Book under Sapindales. RUTACEAE (Rue Family)listed instead by The Plant-Book under Sapindales (Cronquist) - genera, species in tropical and subtropical areas with few in warm temperate areas. SURIANACEAE - Listed in The Plant-Book under Rosales.

Woody Families of Rutales

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1 - Burseraceae.
2 - Irvingiaceae.
3 - Picramniaceae.
4 - Rutaceae.

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